A piazza of knowledge and crafts

Credits: Brioni_by Lorenzo Cicconi Massi - Fondazione Altagamma

I am pleased to publicly share a new idea proposed by Altagamma, whose mission is to promote top-quality Italian industry and the culture of excellence that supports it: the creation of a top-level national School specialized in teaching the arts and crafts of Italian artisanship. A place of national interest to train new generations in the traditional crafts which have made Italian knowhow famous throughout the world, to ensure this patrimony of knowledge won’t disappear over time.

A new School of Arts and Crafts could indeed kick-start the presently stalled generational turnover and slow the subsequent declining competitive edge. Italy is a recognized leader in fashion, design, gastronomy, shipbuilding, wellness and more. The world markets increasingly demand our high-end products to be physically made in Italy and consumers demand the authenticity and quality for which we are justly famous. As a matter of fact, an important phenomenon of industrial reshoring is underway. The School would help encourage the further development of this enormous potential.

Altagamma is ready, with over 300 companies willing to join, guaranteeing financial resources, scholarships, internships, senior professorships, machinery and technical equipment. Equally important is a strong partnership between the public and private sectors. In this regard, a conference was held on November 17, 2015 at Milan’s town hall. Called the Forum Brand Milano, its purpose was to find ways to consolidate the city’s national and international post-Expo image. Milan, with its historical manufacturing tradition and its new cultural leadership, would be the ideal location for the School of Arts and Crafts.

The current debate on the repurposing of the Expo site offers us an opportunity to seriously consider this venue. Its vocation is in fact to become a laboratory – not a museum of what has already happened – but a place which expresses the leadership of Milan, and of Italy as a whole. We must rediscover and reinforce the skills of the artistry that history has endowed us with. The School of Arts and Crafts intends to go beyond simply reaping the inheritance of the Expo; it could become the future point of reference for relaunching the grand tradition of Italian artisanship.



photo credits: Brioni_by Lorenzo Cicconi Massi – Fondazione Altagamma

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